Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week Two--A good week!

Hunter and I are easing into a smooth routine. Breakfast with Handy Manny and The Imagination Movers, then playtime. On Wednesdays we go to Science Spectrum. Lunch is followed by a nice, long nap. This week, Steve joined us at Science Spectrum, which really delighted Hunter. I'm looking forward to spending the coming week with my sweet boy. Tomorrow I'm taking Hunter to pick out a new potty chair. He asked to sit on the potty this week, and has a tendency to remove his diaper and hand it me. It never hurts to start practicing! Steve and I went with the kids to Joyland Friday night. Hunter was very serious about his business there! He had lots to do! We had a terrific time. Thanks for inviting us, Kristen and Jimmy!

Hard at work

Science Spectrum

Licking the beaters (A very important job!)

Fun at Joyland!

Can you see Steve and Jimmy in the background?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week One--Full of Fun!

This was Kristen's first full week back at school, and Hunter's full week with me. We had such fun together! Hunter has changed so much since the end of school. He talks non-stop, though I'm not completely fluent in his language! He is crazy about tractors and horses (otherwise known as "sorses"). This week we went to Science Spectrum, Parents-Day-Out open house to meet Hunter's teacher, the pediatrician, lunch with Kristen and Jimmy, Barnes & Noble (we'll have to make it a regular stop...he loved it!), to visit Moe, Granddad and Aunt Jody, and to the grocery store. He's a good little grocery helper ! He's a good helper in the kitchen, too! After Hunter and I watered the backyard plants Friday afternoon, he didn't want to go in the house, so I just filled the wading pool and let him skinny dip! He is one funny little boy. Meghan and I laughed the whole time we were out there with him. Friday evening when Steve got home, he told me he figured I was tired because he found my kitchen tongs in the bathroom...I'd say that was a good measure of my day! I have so much to look forward to this year and so much to be thankful for. Hunter and I (and Aunt Sassy too!) will have lots of funs days together!

Science Spectrum

Just went out to get the mail...

We've got a climber!

Parents-Day-Out Open House at Trinity (I added a few photos from last year too!)

Skinny Dipping!
(So, Aunt Sassy, whatcha been up to?)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Haircut #2

BEFORE!! (Hunter's Papa bushed it out!)

Same night, Hunter and Jimmy (before haircut!)